For some people a Quarter of Beef is just too we’ve created the Eighth. As a bit of background, for a typical Quarter of Beef, the buyer has to find a friend to split it with then puts in a down payment and gives the farmer the cutting instructions. This is where the customer has to choose between T-bone/Porterhouse and Tenderloin/NY strip. Also, the buyer pays a price based on the hanging weight of the animal, as opposed to what they actually receive back in product. We have eliminated some of those issues with The Eighth—there’s no finding a friend, waiting for processing (if in stock), no paying for shrinkage, and you get a mix of steak options. In The Eighth you will receive: 18lbs ground beef 1 pkg short ribs 1–6lb pkgs patties (1/4 or 1/3, indicate your choice when you check out) 1 sirloin steak (2+ lbs) 1 chuck roast Your choice of 2 of the following roasts (also indicate your choices at check out) 1 round roast 1 rump roast 1 sirloin tip roast *all roasts are 3-3.9lbs 1 pkg t bone or porterhouse, our choice (2 steaks per pkg) 1 tenderloin steak 1 pkg NY strip (2 steaks per pkg) 2 pkg ribeye (2 steaks per pkg) *this is a total of 43-46lbs of beef 

The Eighth