For a typical Quarter of Beef, the buyer puts in a down payment, gives the farmer the cutting instructions and waits 2-4 weeks for their beef. With a traditional quarter the customer has to choose between T-bone/Porterhouse and Tenderloin/NY strip. Also, the buyer pays a price based on the hanging weight of the animal, as opposed to what they actually receive back in product. We have created a modified quarter—there’s no waiting for processing (if in stock), no paying for shrinkage, and you get all of the steak options. In this Moldenhauer Quarter you will receive: 36lbs ground2 pkgs short ribs1 brisket 2–6lb pkgs patties (1/4 or 1/3, indicate your choice when you check out)2 sirloin steaks 3 chuck roasts1 round roast1 rump roast1 sirloin tip roast*all roasts are 3-3.9lbs1 pkg t bone (2 steaks per pkg)1 pkg porterhouse (2 steaks per pkg)2 tenderloin steaks1 pkg NY strip (2 steaks per pkg)2 pkg ribeye (2 steaks per pkg)*this is a total of 83-87lbs of beef

The Moldenhauer Quarter